The Choreographic Centre of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria “Trini Borrull” was created in 2002 as the result of an agreement between Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Council and La Caja de Canarias. The aim is to offer institutional support in the training, creation and diffusion of dance, and to become a catalytic and dynamic meeting point for dance in a wide range of activities.


  • Training, to enable students to reach professional levels. The subjects required to achieve this objective are taught, together with the basic structures for the learning, staging, creation and diffusion of choreographic performances.
  • A permanent Dance Forum, aimed at attracting students, offering information, workshops, classes, etc. For children and adults.
  • An open space, in contact with other national and international centres, establishing a permanent relationship with them, with dancers and choreographers participating in common projects, with access to European funding.
  • Production of performances and support for other events which need the Centre’s collaboration (Carnival, Festivals, Operas, Zarzuelas, etc.).
  • Tourism-Dance. We offer professional dancers and students from other communities and countries the opportunity to carry on improving their techniques while on holiday under the formula Dance-Tourism.

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